Client Portal

Access to financial statements, tax returns, news feeds and more for Schwartz CAS Clients.


Visit our Virtual Office

Stop by for a visit! Wander around our virtual office and chat with accountants, consultants and tax preparers.



Access to payroll processing, reports, payroll tax returns and W2s.


Schedule an appointment

Access to our calendar to book an in-office or virtual appointment.


Upload documents to us

Quickly drag and drop documents, invoices, returns, and time sheets without logging in.


HR Services Hub

Unified hub for company time-tracking, scheduling, on-boarding, directories, and more.

Access pay stubs/W2s

Download your pay stubs, 1099s and W2s electronically on-demand.

Employee On-boarding

Ready to get to work? Fill out your tax and employment documents here.

Clock in for work

Online time-clock system for SchwartzPayroll users by IP address.

Download the payroll app

Mobile app for payroll info on-the-go.

Download the client portal app

Mobile app for automating invoice capture and more.

Download the mileage app

Mobile app for tracking mileage for your tax deduction!