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Upload your taxes to one of San Diego’s top accounting firms. Know that your virtual tax pro has over 30 years of success in the community.

2020 Online Fee Schedule

Base Price

Federal 1040 Income Tax Preparation
$ 80
Flat Fee
  • Includes 1040 Preparation and e-file
  • Organized, tabbed PDF of source documents
  • 24/7 access to return, documents online

Simple Forms

By-the-form pricing
$ 30 per form
  • Schedules A, B, D, F
  • Child care, foreign tax credit, education credits
  • Each state return

Complex Forms

By-the-form pricing
$ 100
per form
  • Schedule C (small business)
  • Schedule E (rental properties)
  • Form 114 (FBAR)

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?

We understand that the tax preparation process is never simple and maintaining client relationships is paramount to building trust and confidence. We created an easy method for you to upload your information to our online portal for our professionals to prepare your return for you. With a 3 to 4 day turnaround, you will have one of the partners reach out to you, prepare your income taxes and answer any questions or concerns. We believe it is a perfect combination of convenience and accountant interaction.

What are the online prep fees?

For the 2020 tax season, we have a simple by-the-form pricing schedule for online clients. There are only 3 fee rates this year for individual returns: a base fee for federal preparation, $30 rate forms and $100 rate forms. A typical married couple with itemized deductions (Schedule A) would expect to pay $140 in preparation fees. For those who upload complete, organized files, we will extend additional discounts.

Why would I do it?

Convenience is one of the cornerstones of today's digital economy. We know that in an age of TurboTax Online, H&R Block and other online prep tools, accuracy and professionalism has declined. We have seen clients attempt their own taxes, or upload to strangers with dangerous results. We seek to provide the balance of convenience, experience and professionalism to the virtual tax preparation marketplace. With over 30 years rooted in the San Diego community, you know you are dealing with highly-rated professionals who truly are tax people. Also, we have great prices!

What if I am a new client?

Welcome! We are always open to taking new tax clients and we hope that you find the process simple and refreshing. For those with referral codes, please input into the online preparation portal for your discount. For new clients, we require 2 forms of identification to prepare your return. Please upload along with your tax documents. If you would like to meet with us in person, make an appointment with one of the partners by scheduling above. Please note that business returns (1120, 1065, 1120-S) are not available to be prepared online.

Can I combine virtual and in-person preparation?

Yes, only for San Diego clients who wish to start online and finish in our Mission Valley office. We highly encourage all clients to upload tax documents beforehand to ensure an efficient and effective appointment. Any business return (S/C corporation or partnership) must be completed in the office. Full business tax preparation is unavailable for online clients.

Do you verify identity?

Yes, we use knowledge-based authentication to verify the signers of the return. This challenges users with a series of top-of-mind questions obtained by scanning billions of records in dozens of publicly and commercially available data sources. These dynamically created ‘out of wallet’ questions are about past addresses, vehicles owned, person’s known, and other information that is not discoverable if the person's wallet was lost.

Start Here! For in-office and virtual appointments.

Use our online organizer and upload utility to send us your tax documents before your appointment. Our intuitive guide will help make the income tax process quick and easy. By using our organizer and referring a new client (or sharing below), you get 15% off your return fee!